Sexual Assault Kits (SAK)


Establishing Accurate, Consistent Standards for Sexual Assault Evidence Collection, Processing & Custody Throughout the US

Mobile SANE automatic notification to specific incident response, ensuring Victim Advocate Identification in response to SAK.  Open architecture & integrated tools help to eliminate the recidivism rate of serial rapists, & solving a national crisis of untested SAK.  Evidence collection after sexual assaults, requiring proper documentation, handling & custody of evidence is become more pressing.  Accurate, consistent reporting of sexual assaults allows clear communication between jurisdictions. 

Our applied knowledge of this technology and its accuracy in tracking materials, is fundamental to the development of our multi-patented evidence collection and tracking software, eTWIST® (Evidence Tracking With Information Solutions Technology).

eTWIST® is a powerful tool in helping to eliminate the recidivism rate of serial rapists, and solving the national crisis of mishandled and untested sexual assault evidence.

As states begin to legislate evidence collection procedures following sexual assaults, proper documentation/collection, handling and custody of evidence become more pressing concerns. Procedures and legally-mandated practices vary from state to state, with some states having NO standards.

Main Concerns:

1.         Many rapists are serial rapists. It is imperative they are apprehended and convicted.

2.         The national epidemic of untested and missing SAKs must be resolved.

3.         Accurate, consistent reporting of sexual assaults allows clear communication between jurisdictions.

4.         Evidence must be processed in a timely manner. DNA and other evidence are vital to convictions.

5.         Sexual assault survivors must receive respectful treatment by medical personnel and meaningful protection by law enforcement.

6.         Military bases/college campuses must conform to procedures practiced elsewhere.

For More Information Contact:
PJ McIntyre
314-344-9178 x208
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